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September, October & November 2014


Another visit to Yellowstone in September 2014



A Raven calling


American Bison


A Bull Bison marks his territory.


The amazing Orange Spring Mound


 The Sheepeater Cliffs


 Whirligig Geyser, Norris Basin, Yellowstone N.P.


 Lamar Valley


Fall colours - Pebble Creek, Lamar Valley.


 Yellowstone Canyon from the brink of the Lower Falls


The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, from Artist Point.

Early morning on the Yellowstone River


Fishing Cone, West Thumb Geyser Basin, Yellowstone N.P.


Gibbon Falls, Yellowstone N.P.


 Lower Geyser Basin, Yellowstone N.P.


The Firehole River and run-off from the Excelsior Geyser.


Daisy Geyser


 Young Bull Bison sparring


 Coyote hunting on Fountain Flats


Bull Moose crossing a brook, nr Jackson, Wyoming.


Cinnamon coloured female Black Bear cools off in the
shallows of the Snake River, nr Jackson, Wyoming. 


Pronghorn - the Americas only Antelope


 A Bull Elk calling to his herd.


 Resting Grey Wolf



April, May & June 2014


Images from my spring visit to Florida:



Sandhill Crane



Early morning and a Great Blue Heron looks out of the wetland. 


American Bittern



Great Blue Heron at nest with chick



Cattle Egret landing 


 Double-crested Cormorants dispute a Catfish catch 



A male Anhinga preening 


An Osprey delivering a branch to its nest 



A beautiful Great Egret in flight 



A male Anhinga carries foliage back to its nest



A Reddish Egret hunting for fish, its colours enhanced by the setting sun.



The Reddish Egret with captured fish.



A Herring Gull eats a Spider Crab watched by a hungry Turnstone


A Brown Pelican prepares to dive 



February & March 2014


More images from my Falklands visit

A beautiful Gentoo Penguin preens its feathers after coming ashore

A Magellanic Penguin carries fresh nesting material to its burrow.


Young Bull Southern Elephant Seals sparring


Mature Southern Sealion Bull



Mature Bull Southern Sealion basking on rocks.



 Black-crowned Night Heron, adult in breeding plumage.


Magellanic Oystercatcher displaying.


A Magellanic Oystercatcher probing for mussels.


Two-banded Plover, adult.


Two-banded Plover, parent and chick.


Cobb's or Southern House Wren


A King Cormorant landing.


A Magellanic Penguin with its chicks.


The rarest Raptor in the world, the Striated Caracara,
devouring its prey, in this instance a Magellanic chick.


Rockhopper Penguins stream ashore at low tide.


Coming and going - Rockhopper Penguins.


King Penguins on a Falklands beach.



A pair of magnificent King Penguins standing on the edge of the colony.


January 2014

At the beginning of January I made a return visit to The Falkland Islands.


Our visit in January was timed to see the young Black-browed Albatross



The majestic Black-browed Albatross has a wingspan of up to 8 feet.


A group of Gentoo Penguin arrive on the beach.





Gentoo Penguins make a lot of splashing when they come ashore.

Two Gentoo porpoising 


Young Gentoo chase their parent to be be fed.


King Cormorant are a very handsome species.


King Cormorant carrying material for its nest.



An adult Striated Caracara surveying the landscape from a rocky outcrop.



The Falkland Skua - a major predator of eggs and chicks.



 The Skua has a chick of its own to feed.


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