A selection of images taken in 2010


November 2010

A beautiful Redshank fishing in still water.
North Norfolk coast.


October 2010

The Fallow Deer Rut has begun.   Fallow Buck, North Norfolk.


Fallow Buck calling


 Two Fallow Bucks sparring


Crimson Wax Cap


Shaggy Pholiota



 Slimy Yellow-stemmed Mycena


Slimy Beech Caps



Dog Stinkhorn


September  2010

Orange Spring Mound, Mammoth, Yellowstone National Park.

Thermophile mat, Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park.



Grand Geyser - the largest predictable geyser in the world -
during one of its over 200ft high eruptions.



August 2010


An  F15E leaving its base in Suffolk.



July 2010

Drinker Moth at rest

Piri Piri Burr


 Common Spotted Orchid - Strumpshaw Fen


Fragrant Orchid


Lichens on a tombstone at Binham, North Norfolk


 Knapweed Broomrape, Cromer

June 2010

Buff-tip Moth

White Ermine Moth

Elephant Hawk Moth


May 2010

Rider 143, Amelia Green on Grimley Fiendish,
after successfully clearing the water fence.
Houghton International Horse Trials.



Bluebells in woodland near Blickling, Norfolk.

April 2010

A beautiful Snowy Egret makes a successful strike.

An adult Brown Pelican taken during our recent Florida trip.

March  2010

This years Florida trip gets off to an excellent start with
an excellent photo opportunity of this adult Limpkin.


A Sandhill Crane puts in an early appearance.

February 2010


A Snow Bunting amongst shingle pools, North Norfolk.

A Knot photographed feeding in a shingle pool.

January 2010


Breckland snow scene