A selection of images taken in 2011.

December 2011


An excursion to the coast provided some good photo opportunities:







 Common Gull, portrait.



A handsome young Herring Gull poses on a shingle bank.



November 2011

Late in the season - but better late than never!

Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) growing in woodland.

Bonnet Mycena

Lycoperdon perlatum

Cap detail of Parasol Fungus with dew.

Surprisingly, there are still quite a few moths around. Here  are a few:


Merveille du Jour (Marvel of the Day)



Green-brindled Crescent



Silver Y - an unlikely find in November.


The fungus season started late this year -
here is a selection found in local woodland.


Dog Stinkhorn



Shaggy Ink Cap (aka Lawyer's Wig)



Young Slimy Beech Caps (aka Porcelain Fungus)



Eyelash Fungus


October 2011


A mature Fallow Buck announces his presence at the start of the annual rut.


A buck attempts to round up an errant hind.

Here are a selection of images from our bi-annual trip to the
Canadian Rockies - always very enjoyable.


Early morning at Herbert Lake, Icefields Parkway, Banff National Park, Alberta.



Road side meadow, Icefields Parkway, Banff National Park, Alberta.



Sunrise at Patricia Lake, Jasper, Alberta.



Early morning, Pyramid Mountain, Jasper National Park, Alberta.



Storm clouds approach Pyramid Mountain, Jasper National Park. 



The Angel Glacier and meltwater pool, Mount Edith Cavell,
Jasper National Park, Alberta.



Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta.



North Saskatchewan River valley, Icefields Parkway, Banff National Park.



Sunset over Mount Rundle, from Vermillion Lakes, Banff.



Coyote in early morning light.



Moose, mother and calf.



A female Elk shakes herself dry after crossing the river.



A Mule Deer fawn grazing on Alpine Milk Vetch



 Pika on the lookout.


September 2011

Friday 2nd September saw the start of the
North Norfolk Railway's Steam Gala.

Great Eastern Railway J15 double headed with the LMS Ivatt 43106

LMS Stanier 5MT - Black 5 - 45305
double headed with BR's 9F Black Prince 92203

London Transport Pannier Tank, L99

Great Eastern Railway J15

Great Western Railway 56xx, 5619

Hunslet Austerity 377 in the guise of BR 68030

August 2011

The Red Arrows arrive at the opening of the 2011 Cromer Carnival.

Red Leader was black on this occasion.

August was cold & wet, but the moth-trap did attract some good subjects.

The Pebble Prominent Moth

Peach Blossom Moth

Garden Tiger Moth

The curious Buff-tip Moth

When the weather was fine the bees were busy
collecting nectar, this one from a Spear Thistle.

A morning at spent at Lakenheath provided some F16s -
fast moving targets for a new camera on test.

The A-10 - infrequently seen flying in Britain's skies these days -
also known as the 'Warthog', 'Tankbuster' and 'Flying Gun'.
Because of its maneuverable at low speeds and low altitudes i
was used extensively during 'Desert Storm' and later conflicts. 

An impressionistic view of Aspen - something I have
been playing with during a period of bad weather.

Yellow Horned Poppy

Oystercatchers, Knot, Godwit, Dunlin and others
take flight at Snettisham.

July 2011

A beautiful 2nd Generation Early Thorn Moth.

A Wood Pigeon carrying a twig back to its nest site.


Large Emerald


Privet Hawkmoth

Scalloped Oak

The curious but aptly named Spectacled Moth


Black Arches on Silver Birch bark

Lavender field


June 2011

A storm approaches Scolt Head.


Grasses, North Beach, Scolt Head.

Clouds, Scolt Head.

Sea Holly, Scolt Head NNR.

A good selection of moths were found and
photographed during early June. Here are a selection:

The beautiful 'Beautiful Golden Y'

The equally beautiful 'Burnished Brass'

A lovely Green Silverlines at rest.


The 'Plain Golden Y' 


A beautiful specimen of the Buff Ermine.

A spectacular Swallowtail Butterfly nectaring
on Common Iris at Strumpshaw Fen.


Also at Strumpshaw Fen, this Common Lizard was found
basking in the sunshine on one of the boardwalks.


May 2011


Pippa Funnel on Billy Black Jack at the
Houghton International Horse Trials.


 Bintree Mill.

A male Bearded Reedling.



Yellow Archangel

Red Campion


April & March 2011

A selection of images from our 2011 trip to Florida:

A Burrowing Owl at the entrance to its burrow.

A Tri-coloured Heron makes a successful strike.


A bedraggled Osprey with his catch.

Sandhill Crane flypass

Swallow-tailed Kite in the sky above the Everglades


An Anhinga surfaces with its prey.

 A beautiful Anhinga female drying out her wings

February 2011

The weather was pretty poor for photography, however,
we did get out in the garden with a ball.


January 2011


At Christmas I got a 'new best friend' - a Lab puppy. Here she is at 8 weeks old.