A selection of images from 2012


More images from my recent trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Early morning on the Firehole River


Antelope Flats

Upper Geyser Basin


Silhouettes at Grand Prismatic Spring



October & November

Images from the Yellowstone trip


Dead tree at Minerva Terraces, Mammoth.


Early morning at Obsidian Creek

Trees along the Firehole River


Old Faithful in a spectacular eruption


Grotto Geyser


Great Fountain Geyser

Aspens against an approaching storm



September is the time for our bi-annual trip to Yellowstone and
Grand Teton National Parks - images to follow,
but in the mean time, meet some of the wildlife

A Bull Elk struts his stuff


Moose Cow and Calf


Bison Cow with calf and Bull in attendance




Chalkhill Blue butterfly, male


Chalkhill Blue butterfly, female


Paired Chalkhill Blues


A visit to the mountains of Colorado provided some
excellent photo opportunities of mountain wildlife. 

More images from my Colorado trip by clicking here.


Mountain Goat Nanny with kid

A creche of Mountain Goat kids - these youngsters
are probably just about a week old.

An adult Bighorn Sheep

Yellow-bellied Marmot - Marmots live in burrows on the rocky mountain slopes hibernating from September through to May.


The weather during early May was very poor - any opportunity
to get out with the camera had to be taken advantage of.


A beautiful Avocet feeding in a pool on a cold and misty morning in late May.


A Moorhen running on water.


Great Crested Grebe with fish.


Great Crested Grebe




Reed Bunting


April & March

It was hard to tell the difference between March and April -
for the most part the weather was unseasonably cold and very wet.


A pair of Greylag Geese get airborne in torrential rain.


A rare sunny day and this Goldfinch attracted my attention.


February 2012

February has been a strange month - temperatures have varied from -15 to +15.


Snow Bunting have been very timid this winter -
I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time


 Knot - quick wash and brush up


Knot wing stretching


A Dunlin probing for food in a muddy pool


Turnstone taking off after bathing


Brent Geese

The cold spells provided some unique opportunities for photography


A Turnstone crosses a snow covered bank searching for food.


A Green-winged Teal in winter sunshine on an icy pool

A pair of Knot on a shingle bank





January 2012


A Turnstone foraging on a frozen pool

Black-headed Gull on frozen coastal pool

Black-headed Gull hovering

Common Gull