A selection of images from 2013



October 2013

The annual Fallow Deer rut




July 2013


The fabulous, quirky Lizard Orchid

A few more images from this years Florida trip:

A Great Egret prepares to land


Lift off - a Roseate Spoonbill takes to the air

A Great Northern Diver stretches its wings

Royal and Caspian Tern pair

A beautifully plumaged adult Great Egret
displaying in early morning sunlight.



 May & June 2013

In late March & early April I visited some of my favorite haunts in Florida.
The weather was colder than usual but still plenty of birds to photograph.
Here are a selection of images:


Anhinga female



Boat-tailed Grackle calling



Brown Pelican take-off



An Eastern Meadowlark in song



Florida Scrub Jay



A Great Egret in flight carrying nesting material



A Little Blue Heron with a Snake Eel



Loggerhead Shrike



Long-billed Curlew



A Turnstone feeding on a Hermit Crab



A Royal Tern stretching its wings after bathing



A Reddish Egret chasing its prey



A Roseate Spoonbill feeding



A Woodstork tosses a fish



A Woodstork prepares to land



April 2013

The weather this spring has been appalling and there have been too few opportunities for outdoor photography.  Fortunately, images taken during my recent trip to the Falkland Islands have kept me busy.


Black-browed Albatross in flight


Black-throated Finch



Gentoo Colony



Gentoo at nest with young



 Porpoising Gentoo Penguin



Gentoo running and carrying a pebble



Falkland Skua displaying



Magellanic Penguin calling



Ruddy-headed Goose



King Penguin gathering on a Falklands Beach



A troop of King Penguin reflected in  wet sand



Portrait of a King Penguin in the rain


January, February & March 2013

A selection of images from my visit to the Falkland Islands in
November and December 2012.

A magnificent King Penguin flapping its wings.


King and Magellanic Penguins head for the ocean

Striated Caracara - portrait of the rarest raptor in the world


Crested Caracara

Variable or Red-backed Hawk

Southern Giant Petrel - running take-off

White-tufted Grebe wing stretching

A Gentoo greets its returning mate

Gentoo Parent and chick

Gentoo Penguins on a windswept beach

Gentoo surfing

A Falkland Skua flying low over a Gentoo colony

A tiny Grass Wren

King Cormorant coming in to land

Magellanic Oystercatcher feeding on crab


 A 'gang' of Rockhoppers cross a beach in high wind

A wet Rockhopper shaking wings after coming ashore


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